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Hebei Jiuxing Rubber&Plastic Product Co., Ltd.

Hebei Jiuxing Rubber&Plastic Product Co., Ltd.

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Peristaltic pump hose and pumps

2018-06-05 06:04:40

       Peristaltic pump (peristalticpump) hose, also known as the squeeze type concrete pump hose, is a new type of industrial pump hose, which is a product of the development of modern industry, widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries pumps, the delivery of some sensitive, viscous , Corrosive, with grinding, high purity, and contains a certain granular material medium. Hoses are the only night-time requirement for peristaltic pumps, which work by squeezing the hose through rollers or briquettes, which means the pump can dry, self-priming, and handle high-viscosity, highly abrasive media. In addition, the hose as a separate unit, making the pump without sealing, so it is completely leak-free, very hygienic. And each revolution has a fixed output flow, which makes the peristaltic pump quantitative dosing applications have outstanding performance. This principle can be applied to all peristaltic pumps, then the pump head and drive part is the difference between peristaltic pump quality is the most important factor. Much like muscle contractions, relaxation can make blood flow in blood vessels, peristaltic pumps work by virtue of the pumping performance of several rollers that are alternately squeezed / released along a flexible tube. The pipe is squeezed fluid flow output, the pressure disappears after the tube relies on its own resilience to restore the original shape, the volume increases, resulting in a vacuum, inhaled fluid. This continuous action is the working principle of peristaltic pump. How Peristaltic Pumps Work Peristaltic pumps pump fluid by alternately squeezing and releasing the pump's flexible delivery hose. Like squeezing a hose with two fingers, a negative pressure builds up inside the tube as the fingers move, and fluid flows in. The peristaltic pump creates a "pillow" of fluid in the tubing between the two rollers. The size of the pillow depends on the inner diameter of the tubing and the geometry of the rotor. The flow rate depends on the product of the speed of the pump head and the size of the "pillow" and the number of "sleepers" produced per revolution of the rotor. The size of the pillow is generally constant (except when pumping particularly viscous fluids). Pumps with a larger "pillow" volume, when compared to pumps with the same rotor diameter, have larger volumes of fluid delivered per revolution of the rotor but also greater pulsations. This is the case with membrane valves. A smaller "pillow" volume pump, on the other hand, delivers less volume of fluid per revolution of the rotor; moreover, a small, "pillow" that is formed quickly and continuously produces a smoother fluid flow. This is the case with gear pumps. With the same two-way flow capacity; no liquid empty run case will not cause any damage to the pump; can produce up to 98% of the vacuum; there is no valve, mechanical seals and packing seals, there is no leakage and maintenance of these Of the factors; can easily transport solid, liquid or gas-liquid mixed phase fluid, allowing solids contained in the fluid diameter of tubular elements within 40%; can be transported with a variety of grinding, corrosion, oxygen-sensitive materials and various foods ; Hoses are the only parts that need to be replaced, the replacement operation is extremely simple; except for the hose, the product delivered is not in contact with any part.

squeeze pump hose

pump hose

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